Close to Infinity

Don Worth

Close to Infinity

Photographs from Six Decades

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Close to Infinity



Don Worth worked with a quiet perseverance for nearly sixty years, creating images that rank him among the most profound photographers of the West Coast School. With his intense and studied focus, Worth has persistently sought an interior reality beyond the material boundaries of his subjects. While surrendering none of the natural organic character, his plants emanate a contemplative energy and finally evoke a spiritual iconography. Worth’s large format landscape photographs are marked by an incisive clarity and quiet meditative aura and often reflect the subtle transformative powers of fog and mist. His unwavering and painstaking dedication to darkroom craftsmanship has resulted in some of the most beautiful masterworks of twentieth century photography.

Close to Infinity presents for the first time a collection of Worth’s finest work in a single, elegantly bound monograph. Many photographs reproduced in this book have never been exhibited and were known only to the artist’s closest friends. The addition of this unseen work unveils for the first time the full range of Worth’s genius. A landmark volume, “Close to Infinity” unfolds a stunning array of master photographs, revealing a sustained and reverent photographic vision that is as breathtaking as it is profound.

Leland Rice contributes an essay that examines Worth’s artistic contribution, from his earliest years of apprenticeship and instruction, through the images that established his place in photographic history to the concluding masterworks that represent his mature achievement.

This first edition published in 2005 by Photography West Graphics, Inc. includes 66 Laser Fultone Reproductions made from original Gelatin Silver photographs. Printed under artist’s supervision on 80 pound Centura Gloss Cover by Dual Graphics in Brea, California, in a very small edition of 1,000. Each edition is autographed by Don Worth.

Edited and Designed by Carol Williams in Carmel, California
Jacket Design by Carol Williams and Viktor Klinger
Production managed by David Gray Gardner and Kevin Broady

ISBN: 0-9616515-6-3


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Don Worth was born in Nebraska in 1924. His early life was dedicated to music. He attended the Juilliard School of Music and the Manhattan School of Music where he received the Bachelor of Music degree in 1949, and the Master of Music degree in piano and composition in 1951. His career in photography began in 1949, and he worked as an assistant to Ansel Adams from 1956 to 1960. He began teaching photography in the Art Department of San Francisco State University in 1962, and held the title of Professor Emeritus of Art at that institution. His childhood on an Iowa farm sparked a lifelong interest in horticulture and he designed a large subtropical garden at his home near San Francisco.

Most of his photographs feature plants as their subject matter. He traveled widely in order to photograph. Don Worth’s photographs — made, generally, with large format cameras — have an incisive clarity and quiet, meditative mood. Many images involve enormous spaces, and often use the transformative power of fog, mist and other atmospheric conditions.

He was awarded the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1974 and received an appointment from the National Endowment for the Arts in 1980. His work has been exhibited in more that 50 solo exhibitions and over 100 group exhibitions. His photographs are owned by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Boston Museum of Fine Art, the Getty Museum, the Chicago Institute of Art, the Australian National Gallery, the Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris and many other museums.

don worth with his camera