Intimations of Paradise

Christopher Burkett

Intimations of Paradise

Autographed First Edition

Image dimensions: 13.5 x 11.5

Pristine condition

certified authentic
Intimations of Paradise



Intimations of Paradise is a book of fine art photography like none other. It is a book that reclaims the belief that there must be craftsmanship in great art. For the last twenty-five years, Christopher Burkett has captured exhilarating, exuberant, ethereal landscapes with a clarity and brilliance that have established him as one of the premier color photographers of our time.

Three essays by noted scholars complement the photographs in Intimations of Paradise, examining Burkett’s work from three different perspectives: James Alinder, James Reid and Vincent Rossi. In the fourth essay, Christopher Burkett himself quietly discusses his life, his work and his own spirituality.

This First Edition includes 180 pages with 73 plates made from original 8×10 format Cibachrome photographs.
Designed by Christopher Stinehour in Berkeley, California.
Edited by Timothy Joy in Portland, Oregon.
Composed in Arepo and Cycles typefaces designed by Sumner Stone.
Color separations were made from original exhibition Cibachromes by Wy’east Color in Portland, Oregon.
Printed on 115 pound Ikono Gloss Text under the artist’s supervision by David Gray Gardner at Gardner Lithograph in Brea, California.
Bound by Roswell Bookbinding in Phoenix, Arizona.

In this limited First Edition, 400 copies were reserved as part of the special collector’s edition accompanied by an original 11×14” Cibachrome photograph handmade by Christopher Burkett.

Autographed by the artist in ink.

Published by West Wind Arts, 1999
ISBN: 0-9670216-0-X


An HD video of the actual work in question has been provided as a visual condition report.


Christopher Burkett has labored for over four decades to create what many regard as the most impeccable and luminous color photographs in the history of photography. Gifted with a contemplative spirit as well as painter’s eye, Burkett has an uncommon ability to capture the natural world in a manner that simultaneously reflects “the world behind the world” as Minor White and Paul Caponigro might have put it. And although Burkett has been compared by curators to American color landscape photographers Eliot Porter and Ernst Haas, whose genre of American landscape photography he extended, neither of them exclusively developed their own film, nor attempted the darkroom standard clearly in evidence upon viewing Burkett’s original Cibachromes.

christopher burkett by bill purcell