Master Photographer
Master Photographer

Brett Weston

Master Photographer

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Master Photographer
Master Photographer



“I can say without hesitation that he is now one of the finest photographers in this country – which means the world.” – Edward Weston, 1929

Brett Weston is internationally recognized as one of America’s most important photographers and was an active force in creative image making for seventy years. He began photographing in the mid-1920’s and since that time has sustained a career of remarkable singularity. From his precocious and inspired experiments with form accomplished as a teenager, to recent work in Hawaii which displays the mature confidence of a master artist, Weston’s photography has been followed by an international audience. His lifetime devotion and total involvement in the medium has produced a volume of work that has few equals in contemporary art. Collected, published, and exhibited widely, Brett Weston influenced both the creators and viewers of fine art photography since his debut in the Film und Foto exhibition in 1929.

Brett Weston: Master Photographer presents the first chronological overview of Weston’s photographic career in a single, exquisitely bound monograph. Readers familiar with his previous editions, Voyage of the Eye, Five Decades and A Personal Selection, will be enthralled with this extended examination of Weston’s artistic contribution, which includes many images never before published as well as his most renowned achievements. Presenting his work decade by decade, this edition explores Weston’s preoccupations, evolving approach and follows the trends of continuity that bind his work together. Six writers offer insights and different points of view, illuminating Weston’s aesthetic contribution to photography. Through a lifetime of fidelity to his muse and dedication to his medium, Brett Weston created on of the most distinguished bodies of work in the history of photography.

This first edition published in 1989 by Photography West Graphics, Inc. includes 147 Laser Fultone® Reproductions made from Gelatin Silver photographs handmade by the artist. Printed under artist’s supervision by Gardner Lithograph in Buena Park, California, in an edition of 5,000 copies and bound by Roswell Bookbinding in Phoenix, Arizona. Composition set in Garamond Number 3 and New Bakerville by The Font Works Typography in Monterey, California.

Edited and designed by Carol E. Williams, who also supervised the printing and final production.

Essays by Van Deren Coke, Beaumont Newhall, Dody W. Thompson, David Stroud, Mark Johnstone and Brett Weston.

ISBN: 0-9616515-3-9


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Brett Weston’s lifetime of devotion and total involvement with the medium produced a body of work and contribution to photography that many viewers conclude ultimately surpassed his renowned father in sophisticated visual scope. Brett worked quietly more than three decades after Edward Weston’s death to “take the work as far as I can” and brilliantly conclude the remarkable 90-year Weston Legacy (1903-1993). Brett Weston’s intuitive visual genius has virtually no equal in the history of contemporary photography. His work can be found in many major museums, including the Getty and SFMOMA. His photographs are housed in the permanent collections of over 100 major institutions around the world.

Brett Weston by Judy Dater 1978