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Fifty Photographs by Brett Weston

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Brett Weston is revered as one of the most important photographers of the 20th century. He was acclaimed around the world for his 70 year dedication to the medium. His first retrospective opened at the San Francisco De Young Museum in 1932, and an uncompromising visual legacy was established. Today, Weston’s work is one of the defining poles of photography. His remarkable work can be found in virtually every major collection of modern art.

Since 1978, Weston quietly photographed the Island of Hawaii and established two tropical retreats, which provide him with creative inspiration as well as personal renewal. During his last decade, this island became the single most important location for Weston’s exploration with the camera. Hawaii presents the finest images from this period of Weston’s photographic journey.

A virtual encyclopedia of natural forms, Hawaii is still in the process of creation. With sporadic volcanic eruptions, offset by the lushness of tropical jungles and accelerated speed of decay, the island’s organic evolution pierces the veil of the earth’s profile, exposing her primitive origins beneath. In this changing environ, Weston alternated his lens from ebony ropes of twisted lava to delicate shoots of grass hurling like private fantasies into the air. Light is the constant in all these photographs. After seven decades of experience and masterful technique, Weston translated into stunning visual images the primordial power of Hawaii’s natural light, and form is etched out of darkness.

Adding a significant chapter to Weston’s photographic legacy, these extraordinary images of Hawaii show a deepening in the artist’s empathy for natural form and articulate the inherent poignancy and primordial beauty of the island.

Hawaii fulfills Weston’s vision of releasing a collection comprised only of his tropical work. Many photographs are published here for the first time, meticulously reproduced from unique Gelatin Silver photographs, which have never been exhibited. The editing, printing and materials comprising this first edition have been chosen with great care to communicate the clarity and richness of Weston’s fine original works.

This first edition published in 1992 by Photography West Graphics, Inc. includes 52 Laser Fultone® Reproductions from Gelatin Silver photographs handmade by the artist.

Printed under Carol Williams’ and Brett Weston’s supervision by Gardner Lithograph in Buena Park, California, in an edition of 2,800 copies and bound by Roswell Bookbinding in Phoenix, Arizona. Composition is set in Goudy Oldstyle. The paper used is 60 lb. Centura Enamel Cover.

Edited and designed by Carol E. Williams, who also supervised the printing and final production.
Design by George Beltran with Takigawa Design in Eugene, Oregon.

ISBN: 0-9616515-4-7


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brett weston photographing in hawaii

Brett Weston’s lifetime of devotion and total involvement with the medium produced a body of work and contribution to photography that many viewers conclude ultimately surpassed his renowned father in sophisticated visual scope. Brett worked quietly more than three decades after Edward Weston’s death to “take the work as far as I can” and brilliantly conclude the remarkable 90-year Weston Legacy (1903-1993). Brett Weston’s intuitive visual genius has virtually no equal in the history of contemporary photography. His work can be found in many major museums, including the Getty and SFMOMA. His photographs are housed in the permanent collections of over 100 major institutions around the world.