William Scott Bowling Ball Beach

William Scott: California Dreaming

Dec 1 — Dec 31, 2023

Featuring an exhibition of sepia and selenium toned gelatin silver photographs handmade from 6×7 format film by Northern California-based photographer, William Scott.

William Scott began pursuing photography in his youth after his father constructed a small darkroom in their home. The mystery of the darkroom was endlessly intriguing and activities surrounding it were fascinating to a curious boy. Later, the desire to explore his environment was kindled and enhanced by his family’s continuing travels to Ireland (the country of his parent’s birth). Today, William Scott is a master photographer who creates his mysterious and poetic sepia and selenium toned gelatin silver photographs in editions of ninety. Each of his unique, meticulously handmade and split-toned photographs is the culmination of nearly thirty years of dedication to the discipline of classical wet darkroom craftsmanship. In the most recent decade, William Scott has relocated to the rugged Northern California coast where he continues to photograph the collision between land and sea as he extends his search for insight and meaning.

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