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Carol Henry: Florachromes

Mar 6 — Apr 3, 2024

Inspired after viewing the floral paintings of Georgia O’Keefe, Carol Henry worked well over a decade to develop a unique photographic technique that would allow her to explore the internal spirit and essence of flowers. As a child, she says her fascination with organic design was mesmerizing. It was this passion that fueled her continued exploration while pursuing studies towards her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Confined in the college darkroom one afternoon, due to a howling blizzard, she discovered a way to reproduce the warmth and beauty of her subject by projecting light through the cells of the flower directly onto archival Ilfochrome (formerly Cibachrome) paper. What appeared was complete purity, without distortion or grain – the simple radiant delicacy of the flower itself. Without using either camera or film Henry had developed a truly extraordinary technique that would shape the rest of her three-decade photographic career. After the Ilfochrome paper required for her darkroom process was discontinued by Ilford in 2012, Henry was unable to continue with the creation of this remarkable floral series. Because no film is involved in her photographic process and the flowers can withstand only a single exposure, each 20×24 “florachome” is a one-of-a-kind work. All those who own a Carol Henry appreciate that they retain the only photograph of a plant that once grew and flowers that blossomed.

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