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Portfolio Reviews

Photography West was founded by photographers who knew from first-hand experience how difficult it could be to obtain caring professional representation. In turn, we make ourselves available to review a photographer’s work in person and provide constructive feedback when and only when the photographs meet our technical guidelines, which reflect our commitment to the darkroom.

These prerequisites are as follows:

  • You use film- in either medium or large format (no 35mm please)

  • You develop the film yourself

  • You do not use any digital technology in your creative process: ie. no film scans or digital negatives

  • You make each wet process artwork yourself (without the use of professional labs or assistants) using fiber-based gelatin silver (not RC) paper, hand-painted gelatin silver, alternative process (Platinum Palladium, Cyanotype, etc.), Cibachrome, Color Carbon (without using digital negatives) or Wet Plate Collodion (Tintype, Daguerreotype & Ambrotype). We do not exhibit or review chromogenic/dye coupler/c-prints, LightJet or pigment-based printmaking processes made from film scans or digital images.

  • You are actively working in the darkroom and have the ability to deliver or ship artwork with a few days lead time

  • You are willing and able to commit to being a full-time artist

  • You are willing and able to travel to Carmel for artist receptions at the gallery

  • You work with galleries and do not market or sell your own work.

Our sole purpose is to support our artists, not compete with them. We are dedicated to maintaining the deeper spirit and traditional craft of this sensitive art medium and as such, are only interested in reviewing 20-30 finished and mounted works, not unfinished proofs. If you meet the above requirements, please submit the form below and we will contact you to schedule a portfolio review either before or after our regular business hours.

Because we are exclusively dedicated to wet-process work, it is of the utmost importance that the final portfolio review be conducted in person to properly inspect the surface emulsion, quality and craft of each photograph. That said, please wait for us to contact you with an appointment schedule. Do not approach management or gallery staff with submissions in the gallery during business hours when we are with clients. We cannot accept mail or drop-off submissions and all materials will be discarded. Firstly, because we feel mailed submissions fail to give your photographs the kind of personal presentation required to make an evaluation of their true artistic merit and craftsmanship. Lastly, because we do not want to incur responsibility for your valuable unsolicited artwork on our professional premises.

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