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With a lifetime of experience as a second-generation art dealer, collector, and photographer herself, Julia Brett Christopher is uniquely qualified in her profession. Her unwavering integrity and educated, refined eye have inspired private individuals and public companies to seek her consulting services.

Professional integrity and exceptional darkroom craftsmanship is what we value most at Photography West. We exclusively exhibit photographs that we would personally want to own. We buy art, because like any collector, we love the work and never advise anyone to purchase art solely for investment reasons. The fact art appreciates is merely a bonus. Always buy art because you love it, and you’ll never regret it. The only time I’ve heard a client express remorse is when they did NOT buy a piece they loved. For example, at least one individual per week walks into our Ansel Adams Room and with a sigh, informs me they ‘had the opportunity to buy an original Ansel Adams “Moonrise over Hernandez” for $500 back in 1970.’ Some of them had thought to themselves, “who would spend $500 on a picture?” It’s those individuals who often become our top clients. They learned an important collecting lesson and now don’t hesitate: if they see a photograph they love, they buy it. My job is simply to find them the best of what they want, because photography is the most complicated art medium to collect. While there is more than one original made from a negative, photographs are NOT all created equal. Some have been damaged by improper framing, mold, or broken glass – I even saw a vintage Edward Weston that had been run over by a vacuum cleaner. Others may be too dark, too light, or even out of focus. Condition reports may mention surface condition and provenance, but professional opinions about “quality” differ, and individuals don’t always have (or share) all the information. If I can’t trust a condition report, how could I possibly ask my clients to? So, I don’t. Instead, I provide clients with HD videos of the original works in question. I make these videos for my clients to view the condition and quality prior to purchasing the work, and to adequately document these irreplaceable historical artifacts, each of which is ultimately a unique work of art.

— Julia Brett Christopher

julia christopher and $533,000 Clearing Winter Storm

Ms. Christopher with one of our client’s Ansel Adams that sold for a record breaking $533,000

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